22 February 2017

Two new doctors in Mistra Future Fashion

In January, both Sandra Roos and Anna Palme obtained their PhDs at Chalmers University of Technology. Both have carried out research in different parts of Mistra Future Fashion and provided new knowledge of the environmental impact of clothing and how cotton fibres can be recovered and recycled.

For most of us it feels, perhaps, difficult to know which choices are best for reducing the environmental impact of clothing. Which garments should we buy? What temperature should they be washed at? Sandra Roos of Swerea IVF took her doctorate in how data on the environmental impact of clothing can be obtained from a life-cycle perspective. Now it is possible to calculate the environmental impact of a garment and how effective various improvement measures are.

Sandra Roos, who presented her thesis at Chalmers University of Technology, heads the Supplier Chain research theme, one of four in Mistra Future Fashion. She also now has another recent PhD graduate as her colleague in the research programme. Anna Palme, who also took her PhD at Chalmers, has devoted her research over the past few years to cotton fibres and how they can be recycled. In January she too completed her thesis. Her objective is to demonstrate the potential for cotton to become part of a circular economy, just like many other valuable material flows.

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