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Mistra’s Chief Executive Åke Iverfeldt discussed research needs with Minister for the Environment Karolina Skog and Mistra’s Chair Johan Söderström.


10 April 2017

Environmental minister wants more research after Mistra visit

Even more environmental research in line with Mistra’s initiatives: this wish was voiced by Karolina Skog, Sweden’s Minister for the Environment, when she visited Mistra in early March. She saw the need for extra research on sustainable use of chemicals.

On 9 March, Mistra received a delegation from the Swedish Ministry of the Environment and Energy, headed by the Minister for the Environment, Karolina Skog. Mistra’s programme directors had the opportunity to describe Mistra’s way of working, and gave examples of some ongoing research programmes. Chief Executive Åke Iverfeldt provided an overview of Mistra’s sustainable asset management.

Government policy and research needs were also discussed. Minister Skog sees a need for more research on plastics, circular economy, sharing economy and sustainable urban development. Skog often clearly insists on the need for all decisions to rest on a solid scientific basis, and this was something she repeated during her visit to Mistra.

If Karolina Skog could have a wish granted, it would be to see the inception of a Mistra programme on sustainable use of chemicals sometime in the future as well.

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