12 July 2017

Åke Iverfeldt elected to general assembly for SNS

Mistra’s Chief Executive has been elected as a member of the highest decision-making body, the Board of Trustees, of the Centre for Business and Policy Studies (Studieförbundet Näringsliv och Samhälle, SNS). The Centre’s work, one intention of which is to promote research in the social sciences, is in line with Mistra’s ideas, and Åke Iverfeldt wants to use the position to bring sustainability issues to the fore.

‘I look forward to joining the Board. SNS seeks be at the frontline and raise issues that are topical and urgent. This fits in well with what Mistra, too, is striving for. Their seminars are well directed and their publications are of high quality,’ says Åke Iverfeldt.

SNS’s Board of Trustees is its highest decision-making assembly, and appoints the Board of Directors and also auditors. At present, the Board of Trustees comprises 208 people selected from academia, the business sector and organisations.

‘SNS adopts a clear stance in a debate that is based on knowledge, and they defend the role of science in decision-making. This too is something Mistra promotes.’

Iverfeldt also sees the Board as a good network, offering many opportunities of both exerting influence and allowing himself to be influenced. Mistra has long been a member of SNS, and Iverfeldt says that the two organisations have a great deal to give each other.

‘There’s an overlap. Many of their issues are about economics, as most things ultimately are. But they also have a focus on sustainability, and my guess is that this is why I was asked to join.’

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