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18 September 2012

Mistra’s Programme Directors to discuss evaluation

How Mistra evaluates its research initiatives is the theme of this year’s meeting of all the Programme Directors in October.

On 9–10 October Mistra will convene, for their annual meeting, all the directors of the research programmes it funds. The theme will be evaluations, and one item on the agenda will be a presentation by Mistra’s secretariat of how the organisation works in this area.

– We lay great emphasis on evaluating our initiatives to maintain quality. We’re addressing it as our theme for this year to convey both why and how we work as we do, says Thomas Nilsson at Mistra.

Nilsson explains that the researchers included in the programmes are familiar with research funders’ practice of evaluating the scientific quality of their initiatives, but less accustomed to Mistra also examining aspects like user benefits and communication.

– Bringing the programme directors together for a few days also gives them the opportunity to discuss and exchange experience of good practice in evaluating their own activities.

The company Sweco Eurofutures, which is currently engaged in evaluating 31 previous Mistra programmes, will also describe its work and present certain preliminary results to the participants.