22 September 2010

High-impact report on Steel Eco-Cycle

The popular version of the Steel Eco-Cycle report is selling outstandingly well. Two thousand copies of the report were sold out in May, and the same number are now being reprinted.

Teachers who buy teaching material through the Utbudet ordering service are the people who have ordered all these copies. When Swedish schools reopen for the autumn term, demand is expected to surge again.

‘It´s really pleasing, and proof that we´ve succeeded in making a difficult subject intelligible and interesting,´ comments Göran Andersson, the Programme Director of Steel Eco-Cycle.

Steel in society
The report, on the initial phase (2004—08) of the programme, describes the recycling of steel in society.

‘If it boosts school pupils´ interest in technology and natural sciences, it´s money well spent. We´re also reaching out with advanced research to schools, and that´s gratifying,´ Göran Andersson adds.

In final editing stage
Steel Eco-Cycle is Mistra´s second programme to invest in an educational film about itself.

Now only a few technical loose ends remain to be tied up before the film is distributed, on YouTube and elsewhere.

‘There´s going to be a long version of just over eight minutes and also a shorter one of about two minutes — that´s the one we were planning to post on YouTube,´ adds Göran Andersson, the Programme Director for Steel Eco-Cycle.

The film was produced by Linus Torell of Svenska Barnprogram AB, which specialises in making films for children. Last year, he made the popular film about Sustainable Investments, another Mistra programme.

The film about Steel Eco-Cycle is expected to be completed sometime this month.

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