Björn-Ola Linnér: “Fewer geopolitical risks in a fossil-free society”

The Mistra Geopolitics research programme recently visited Brussels for meetings with NATO and representatives of the EU’s green transition. The programme’s research into geopolitics, security, the environment and climate is receiving a great deal of attention. In Brussels, they participated in discussions about security policy, the EU’s Green Deal, agricultural issues and the Arctic.

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Tough tests on shell jackets in wind tunnels and material labs

Textiles that are slowly torn apart, soaked and aged with dirt and UV light. In a material testing lab in the Sports Tech Research Centre at Mid Sweden University, Mistra Sport & Outdoors is subjecting new and used shell jackets to tough tests. The aim is to see how functionality changes over time in order to boost the second-hand market.

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“The chemical tax counteracts a circular transition”

The chemical tax is a barrier to the circular transition and, to promote reuse, second-hand products should be excluded. Mattias Lindahl, Programme Director for Mistra REES, also believes that other regulatory frameworks need to be reviewed so they do not hinder circular business models.

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