Differences of opinion a resource, not an obstacle

The Mistra Environmental Communication research programme’s recent kick-off meeting was very well attended. Altogether, nearly 30 organisations took part, and the consensus was that the programme should not only produce research but also ensure that words lead to action.

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New Mistra science book on plastic

Plastic has become the object of both public and research attention as never before. Mistra is therefore adopting a new approach, and has produced a book summarising research to date by the Foundation’s various programmes in the area. The book, Ingen kommer undan plasten (‘No one gets away from plastic’), can be ordered from Mistra.

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OECD report highlights Mistra’s strategic environmental initiatives

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has examined how nine organisations, and initiatives in the same number of countries, provide support for environmental and sustainability research. Mistra was praised for its organisation and the fact that the Foundation’s assets are growing despite large investments.

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