Mistra’s portfolio

Objectives and starting points for Mistra’s asset management

Mistra’s portfolio

The objectives and starting points for Mistra’s asset management, and its portfolio composition and development, are as follows:

  • Assets under management: SEK 3.4 billion (30 September 2019).
  • Asset depletion is permitted.
  • Long-term return target: risk-free interest rate1 plus a risk premium of 2 percentage points.
  • Investment in funds with a clear sustainability profile.
  • Cooperation with managers who share Mistra’s basic values.

Detailed information about Mistra’s investment policy is available here.

1 Measured as interest on three-month Swedish government bonds.

Fund holdings

The normal portfolio is composed of 40% equity funds, 40% interest-bearing funds and 20% alternative investments.

Normal portfolio

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Equity funds 40% 40%
Interest-bearing funds 40% 40%
Alternative investments 20% % 20%

At 30 September 2019 the composition was 49.0% equity funds, 31.6% interest-bearing funds and 14,0% alternative investments, while liquid funds make up 5.4%. This composition deviates from that of the normal portfolio mainly because of the favourable trend of Mistra’s equity funds, and thus the rise in the proportion of the portfolio consisting of these funds.

Whole portfolio, September 2019

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September 2019

Equity funds 49.0% 49,0%
Interest-bearing funds 31.6% 31,6%
Alternative investments 14.0 % 14,0%

Fund Manager Share of portfolio (%) Change since 31 Dec. 2018 (SEK m) Asset class
Generation IM Global Equity Fund Generation 27,2 226,5 equity fund
Öhman räntefonder * Öhman 23,5 21,6 interest-bearing fund
Captor Dahlia Green Captor 6,5 9,1 interest-bearing fund
Lannebo Sverige Plus Lannebo 5,9 28,2 equity fund
Thule Real Estate Fund Skandia 5,6 6,1 real estate fund
Enter Select Pro Enter 5,4 38,1 equity fund
Öhman Global Hållbar Öhman 4,8 43,0 equity fund
Stewart Investors Worldwide Sustainability Fund First State 4,5 32,3 equity fund
Nordkinn Fixed Income Macro Fund Nordkinn 3,2 2,9 hedge fund
SEB Microfinance Fund IV SEB 1,8 5,1 microfinance fund
SEB Microfinance Fund IV SEB 1,8 3,9 microfinance fund
M&G Impact Financing Fund M&G Investments 1,4 -0,1 interest-bearing fund
Generation IM Climate Solutions Fund II Generation 1,4 10,4 venture-capital fund
Generation IM Asia Fund Generation 1,3 11,5 equity fund
Alder Fund I Alder 0,9 2,0 venture-capital fund
Nordic Cleantech Private Equity Sub-Fund LGT Capital Partners 0,7 3,8 venture-capital fund
Generation IM Climate Solutions Fund I Generation 0,4 3,7 venture-capital fund
Generation IM Global Credit Fund Generation 0,2 0,8 interest-bearing fund
First State Global Emerging Markets Sustainability Fund First State 0,0 7,4 equity fund

* Öhman FRN Hållbar, Öhman Företagsobligation Hållbar, Öhman Grön Obligation (‘Green Bond’), Öhman Kort Ränta, Öhman Obligationsfond, Öhman Räntefond Kompass Hållbar.

‘Despite weaker economic trends, there has been a further marked rise in the stock market during the year. Central banks have promptly applied new stimuli expected to bring stabilisation and, given the low interest rates, share valuations do not currently seem high. Nevertheless, we shall be vigilantly monitoring the impact of geopolitical and sustainability-related risks on the financial markets for the foreseeable future.’

(Torbjörn Hamnmark, Mistra’s Asset Management Committee, November 2019)


Mistra’s funds are managed (30 September 2019) by:

Manager Share of portfolio (%)
Generation Investment Management 30,5
Öhman 28,3
Captor 6,5
Lannebo Fonder 5,9
Skandia Fonder 5,6
Enter Fonder 5,4
Nordkinn Asset Management 3,2
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken 1,8
M&G Investments 1,4
Alder 0,9
LGT Capital Partners 0,66


In 2019 to date, the return on Mistra’s portfolio has been 15.1%. Equity funds have returned 27.3%, alternative investments 7.7% and interest-bearing securities 3.0%. Average return on the whole portfolio in the past five years has been 9.1%.

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  Equities Interest-bearing Alternative investments Total portfolio
Year to date 27.3 3.0 7.7 15.1
Past five years 15.8 1.5 6.7 9.1