Programme agreement

Once Mistra’s Board has decided that Mistra should invest in a programme, an agreement between Mistra and the programme host is drawn up. This ‘programme agreement’, which applies for as long as the Board has decided to invest, regulates the framework of programme activities.

What is agreed

The programme agreement regulates the relationship between Mistra and the programme host; the terms and conditions for the finances and implementation of the programme; and the duration of commitments by the programme host, board and director. The agreement also specifies terms and conditions for profit management, reporting, disbursement and accounting of programme funds, intellectual property rights, auditing for early termination. Copies of the programme agreement are kept by Mistra and the programme host.

Attached to the programme agreement is the programme plan, which must be updated annually and approved by Mistra. Read more about the programme plan here. Without an approved plan, the agreement is not valid and the programme cannot requisition funds from Mistra.

Other agreements often required

If several parties join in the programme, a ‘consortium agreement’ between them and the programme host is usually called for. This agreement regulates all the legal parties’ participation in terms of financial commitments, time spent by staff and other inputs. It may also regulate the right to patentable inventions, secrecy for protecting information and so on.

For programmes that lack a consortium agreement, getting all the researchers to sign a cooperation agreement is advisable. This agreement may, for example, regulate the procedure in the event of there being any patentable inventions. It is important for all those involved to enter into an agreement from the start so that, when the situation arises, everyone knows what applies.