Programme plan

The board and management for the programme govern, manage and monitor activities in line with a programme plan that is developed from the programme application. The plan must include a budget, planned scientific deliverables and communication activities. It is updated annually and approved by Mistra.

Key instrument of control

The programme plan must be approved by Mistra’s CEO. This must be done before the programme can requisition funds, unless Mistra decides otherwise. Thereafter, the programme plan must be updated annually and approved by Mistra. The plan is an appendix to the programme agreement. The structure of the programme plan and the annual updating requirements are described below.

Structure of programme plan

The programme plan, just like the application submitted previously, comprises two main parts: A and B. Part A, taken from the application, is the introductory part of the programme plan, which may undergo a few revisions according to decisions about the programme made by Mistra’s Board. After that, Part A is usually revised only if the programme applies for funding of an additional phase as well.

Part B, on the other hand, is developed and concretised further in the programme plan, when the programme starts. Part B is thereafter revised annually and contains a report on results attained, the budget situation and any changes in the planning.
The structure of the plan must follow the headings below. Every point specified is dealt with under the respective heading. The programme board may have other requirements regarding plan content as well. The plan must be written in English and not exceed a total of 100 pages in length.

The planned deliverables must be described in clear, specific terms. What Mistra means by ‘planned deliverables’ are the ‘products’ of the research, to be used by other researchers and/or the intended users. The planned deliverables may be shared by the whole programme or be the outcome of an individual project. It should be remembered that an activity or a report is not always in itself a deliverable, but may be a step towards attaining one.

Examples of deliverables

A scientific deliverable may, for example, be a journal article, a book, a model or a synthesis of the prevailing state of knowledge in a particular area. PhD and licentiate graduates with sought-after skills, who are trained in the programme, are another form of scientific deliverable.
Deliverables to users may, for example, be scientific documentation for international environmental negotiations, a readily accessible synthesis of the state of knowledge about how a natural resource can be managed, or a prototype for a new product that can help to reduce environmental loads.

The programme plan must also contain an overview budget for the whole phase and a specified annual budget both for the entire programme and for all its component parts, drawn up according to Mistra’s guidelines for financial reporting (see the section on ‘Financial administration’). Mistra recommends setting aside some 10% of the programme funding in a strategic reserve for the programme board.

This means that, later on, the programme can implement activities that are important but could not have been foreseen at the beginning of the phase concerned.

The plan for the concluding phase of the programme (lasting two to four years) must contain a clear account of how the programme is to be concluded.

Annual updating of the programme plan

Part B of the programme plan must be updated annually with reporting of results attained and financial outcomes. Any changes in planning for the programme must also be reported and explanations provided.

An updated Part B must be sent to Mistra not later than 1 December annually, unless Mistra has approved another date in advance. The plan must be sent in both electronic and paper form. Before each year-end, Mistra will issue written notification of whether the programme plan has been approved. The programme plan is an appendix to the programme agreement, and without an approved plan the programme cannot requisition further funds from Mistra.