Published 2018-06-19

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Award decision: SEK 49m for infrastructure research programme

Mistra’s Board has decided to approve the application from Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) in response to the call for proposals on ‘Smart infrastructure maintenance’.

‘Infrastructure maintenance is a crucial strategic environmental issue, and increased knowledge, skills and interest are needed. Mistra wants to make a contribution through the new research programme,’’ says Åsa Moberg, Programmes Director at Mistra.

The programme is intended to bring about smarter methods of planning, funding and organising the maintenance of existing infrastructure, with emphasis on water and sewerage (WS) and municipal roads and railways.

Apart from RISE, the programme consortium includes Linköping University, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), WaterCentre@KTH  (at KTH Royal Institute of Technology) and the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) at Lund University. Future users of the research results will play a major role in Mistra’s research programme, and in this case municipal involvement is of great importance.

‘RISE and their consortium have formulated an application that’s well supported by purchasers, with an ambitious implementation plan. The future programme thus has great potential to contribute to direct improvements in maintenance, and also to new research-based policy decisions,’ Moberg says.

Mistra is contributing a maximum of SEK 49 million over a four-year period. The programme’s total budget is expected to amount to approximately SEK 80m, including 30% co-funding from the programme’s partners.