Published 2018-11-22

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BONUS Conference focusing on development of Baltic Sea region

How research and innovation can interact with politics to create sustainable development was the theme of the joint BONUS–HELCOM Stakeholder Conference in Copenhagen on 6 November

The Baltic Sea programme BONUS (Science for a better future of the Baltic Sea region) is an international research programme, co-funded by Mistra, focusing on the Baltic Sea environment and social development. Many Swedish researchers are engaged in the ongoing collaborative projects, which range from monitoring to hands-on development of methods of, for example, reducing environmental pollution and planning shipping operations.

The conference in early November stemmed from the global Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 agenda, particularly Goals 13 (Climate Action), 14 (Life Below Water) and 15 (Life On Land). During the day, research and innovation results from BONUS projects were presented. The focal point of the discussions was the dialogue between politics and science, including future research priorities and policy requirements.

‘The programme has contributed important knowledge to create a better environment and sustainable use of marine resources. Sweden is helping by funding relevant projects that are part of the joint strategy for research and innovation,’ said Anna Jöborn, Director of the Science Affairs Department at the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.

BONUS is jointly funded by Mistra and various other agencies and research funders.

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Text: Per Westergård