Published 2019-04-15

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Chalmers and GU to co-host Mistra Urban Futures

Mistra Urban Futures (MUF) will live on after Mistra’s funding stops at year-end. Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg (GU) will take over and further develop the sustainable urban development research area.

Mistra’s funding for its research initiatives normally lasts 8–10 years. For MUF, the day is now approaching when the Foundation’s grant disappears. But the centre will live on. Chalmers and GU have decided to jointly host its activities and keep developing the research area of sustainable urban development. Chalmers has already hosted MUF before.

The Centre will remain a transdisciplinary research environment that addresses urban challenges in collaboration between researchers and practitioners.

‘We also look forward to the new opportunities that will arise from having both Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg committed to co-hosting our Centre,’ says David Simon, Director of MUF.

Further work will be organised within the two universities’ joint Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development (GMV), which has extensive experience of engaging in interdisciplinary projects, networks and activities.

‘It’s very pleasing that Chalmers and the University are continuing to invest jointly in sustainable urban development, and that the work is now being organised in the Centre,’ says GMV Director Jan Pettersson.

The decision to perpetuate the organisation means that since 15 February 2019 MUF’s Gothenburg platform and the international secretariat have been two separate, but closely collaborating, entities at GMV.

Work on implementing this decision has begun and will continue in 2019, ahead of MUF’s continued work and funding from 2020.

‘We’re very pleased that Mistra’s long-term initiative can live on like this,’ says Åsa Moberg, Programmes Director at Mistra.

Mistra and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), have jointly been the main funders of the centre since 2007.

Text: Per Westergård