Published 2017-11-22

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Environmental strategist new coworker at Mistra

Mistra has a new staff member: Åsa Moberg. She has broad experience in life-cycle assessment, digitisation for sustainable development, circular material flows and other sustainability issues.

Throughout her career, Åsa Moberg has worked on issues that are very close to Mistra’s areas. A trained systems ecologist, she has been employed at Innventia, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. Her PhD was in environmental strategy analysis and she is a docent in Environmental and Sustainability Assessment and associate professor in Environmental Strategic Analysis.

Nevertheless, she has never been active in any Mistra programme.

‘It may be a bit odd, considering what I’ve done, but my research has always been supported by other funders. But I’ve been aware of what Mistra is doing, and felt that a job at Mistra’s secretariat would suit me well. I like Mistra’s holistic perspective and the fact that it focuses on interesting issues best addressed through interdisciplinary collaboration.’

Her first work input was during this year’s Almedalen Week, Sweden’s annual political festival, but in practice Åsa has been in service since mid-August. SHE has taken over programme responsibility for Mistra Closing the Loop and will work on issues relating to Mistra’s corporate governance.

‘It’s an area I haven’t worked in before but I think is exciting and important.’

Other tasks in the immediate future will be to examine the scope for new research initiatives. Currently, the most definite option is a possible programme in sport and outdoor life, for which Åsa is assembling an international working group to contribute knowledge and ideas.