Published 2021-08-26

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Film series highlights Mistra Future Fashions’ lessons about sustainability

What is sustainable fashion? And is it even possible? Mistra have released four films about the lessons learned from the now-concluded Mistra Future Fashion research programme, focusing on design, production, business models and recycling.

The eight-year Mistra Future Fashion research programme, which involved 15 research partners and more than 50 industry partners, ended in 2019. Its research results have received a great deal of attention and significant demand remains for knowledge in the field of fashion and textiles.

“Mistra Future Fashion concluded two years ago, and both Mistra and the programme participants continue to see that there is a huge need for information about sustainable fashion. We hope that the films will help the programme’s research results lead to increased knowledge and to reach additional target audiences,” says Malin Lindgren, Programmes Director at Mistra.

The four films are gathered under the heading Vad är egentligen hållbart mode? (What is really sustainable fashion?) and focus on themes such as: a more sustainable garment; more sustainable production; more sustainable business models and consumer behaviour; and more sustainable material flows and recycling.

The series features Malin Viola Wennberg, doctoral student at Stockholm University and former Head of Communications for the research programme, Åsa Östlund, Head of R&D at TreeToTextile and former Programme Director for Mistra Future Fashion, and Susanne Sweet, Associate Professor, Research Director at the Stockholm School of Economics and former Head of Research for Mistra Future Fashion.

“Mistra Future Fashion’s research results have really brought us a new understanding of the sustainability challenges faced by the fashion industry. Although the programme has ended, its lessons have lived on at companies and in public investment, such as the Textilsmart information campaign from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, and as a factual basis for policy decisions on the separate collection of textile waste in Sweden. The issue of developing a more resource-efficient fashion system is more current than ever. These film summaries are a good first step for someone who wants to learn more and be part of making change happen,” says Malin Viola Wennberg.

Mistra participates in Stockholm Fashion Week

The Fashion Future conference will be held during Stockholm Fashion Week, 31 August to 2 September. Mistra’s participation is through the panel discussion on Research as an accelerator – a Future Fashion System, which will highlight Mistra Future Fashions’ knowledge and lessons learned.

The films about sustainable fashion will be used on textile and fashion courses and as internal training material for employees working in textile and fashion sales. Later this autumn, the film will be part of WIN WIN Youth Arena at Auktionsverket Kulturarena in Gothenburg.

Research from Mistra Future Fashions has also been the foundation for a Mistra report, Investor Brief: Sustainability in Textiles and Fashion, which was published in the autumn of 2020 and aims to increase knowledge among investors, helping to steer companies in the fashion and textile industry in a sustainable direction. The report builds upon discussions between programme researchers and representatives from the financial sector.

Part 1: A more sustainable garment

Part 2: More sustainable production

Part 3: More sustainable business models and consumer behaviour

Part 4: More sustainable material flows and recycling