Published 2018-09-15

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Final AquaAgri conference 23 October

At the final AquaAgri conference in Stockholm on 23 October, important new research findings on sustainable food production will be presented. These relate to cereal varieties that withstand extreme weather, milk produced from alternative feeds, and algae cultivation on a commercial scale.

The AquaAgri research programme will present its very latest findings on sustainable food production at its final conference in Stockholm on 23 October. For four years, this programme has focused on new, sustainable methods in aquaculture and agriculture. It will explain how perennial cereal crops have survived the summer’s extreme drought.

Another project has gone the whole way to commercial seaweed (macroalgae) aquaculture in the Kosterhavet National Park, part of the Koster archipelago in the Skagerrak basin, off Sweden’s west coast. Other projects have focused on sustainable farming of lobster and Atlantic wolffish, precision cultivation of wheat and sustainable feed for dairy cows.


Date and time: Tuesday 23 October, 12:00–16:30

Place: IVA Conference Center, Grev Turegatan 16, Stockholm