Published 2020-06-18

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Four programme proposals proceed to second stage in energy call

In February, Mistra opened a call for proposals for a research programme on energy transitions from a systemic perspective. Now, four programme proposals have passed successfully through Stage 1.

An evaluation panel of five international experts reviewed the 15 applications received. The panel recommends inviting those responsible for four of the programme proposals to proceed to Stage 2 of the call process. The panel considers that these four best meet the call criteria and are of consistently top quality.

Mistra’s Board has now decided to invite the applicants who sent in the following four proposals to submit detailed programme proposals in accordance with Stage 2 of the ‘Energy transitions: a systemic approach’ call. The other programme proposals have been rejected.

  1. Mistra Energy transitions: Systems, institutions and economies for energy transitions, submitted by Lund University.


  1. Integrated energy system transition management: the case-study of Gotland and a replication plan for Sweden — Go Systemic, submitted by Uppsala University.


  1. Mistra Energy Transition Accelerator (META) — Data driven decision support accelerating the energy transition, submitted by Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE).


  1. Mistra Electrification for the future, submitted by Energiforsk.