Published 2021-02-15

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InsectGapMap: a phase in Mistra’s biodiversity analysis

The InsectGapMap project was created as part of Mistra’s process for new research initiatives in the area of biodiversity and actions to reverse habitat loss. At a webinar, the method was presented and the results were discussed by an expert panel. Catch up by watching the webcast here.

To identify research funding needs, Mistra held a webinar entitled The InsectGapMap project: Insect populations and computational tools on 11 February.

The final project report, InsectGapMap: A project to semi-automate research gap identification (November 2020), is available here. The project has brought about an interactive platform that enables readers to study the results in depth. Read more here.

See Neal Haddaway’s presentation at the InsectGapMap Mistra webinar here.




The InsectGapMap project is part of Mistra’s ongoing analysis in the area of biodiversity.


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