Published 2020-02-19

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Inspiring meeting with Al Gore at Mistra

Al Gore has long campaigned for a more vigorous climate policy. During a meeting at Mistra in January, despite the dark clouds of our time, he cited as a positive example the financial sector’s increased awareness of what must be done.

Former US Vice President Al Gore visited Mistra in late January. Also present were some 30 institutional investors, large Swedish private and public foundations, pension funds and private organisations for asset investment, along with Sweden’s Minister for Financial Markets, Per Bolund.

At the meeting, Gore stated that the climate emergency is intensifying much faster than people realise, and that the political will to tackle the issue is weak. However, he highlighted as positive changes the rapid transition of the energy sector to renewable energy sources and the increased awareness of the financial sector.

Moreover, various financial challenges and the need for carbon pricing were discussed. The ensuing discussion prompted a high-flying visitor from the financial sector to blurt out: ‘What more can we do?’

In his speech at the seminar Bolund, the Minister for Financial Markets, thanked Gore for his pioneering efforts to mobilise the financial sector to start tackling the climate crisis in earnest.

Mistra, too, expressed gratitude — for the Foundation’s many years’ close cooperation with Gore’s ‘Generation Investment Management’ project, and for the opportunity to host such an important meeting.

‘Al Gore inspires us all at this crucial moment in history. He also encourages and supports the leading investors and asset managers who are fostering a more sustainable financial sector. Climate issues should now be an integral part of all investors’ risk management strategy, and guide investments,’ said Åsa Moberg, Programmes Director in charge of sustainability dialogues with asset managers.

Text: Per Westergård