Published 2018-04-10

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Major autumn conference on sustainable finance conference in Stockholm

In August, Mistra Financial Systems is holding an international conference with several well-known big draws on the speaker list. Everyone with an interest in sustainable finance should take this opportunity.
‘I hope the conference will be a meeting place not only for researchers, but also for investors, asset managers, decision makers and regulators of the financial market,’ says Bo Becker, Programme Director for Mistra Financial Systems.

‘A whole lot of interesting research results will be presented by prominent international researchers. But the content is going to be at once accessible and entertaining,’ Becker says.

The programme, which is still preliminary, will be completed in the month ahead. One theme that will be addressed concerns corporate governance, especially how sustainability issues and environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors affect companies’ actions and the consequences they bring. The conference will also discuss, for example, the risks to the financial market that are associated with environmental impact.

Becker’s hope is that, at the conference, there will be meetings among not only researchers but also investors, asset managers, decision makers and financial market regulators.

The Sustainable Finance conference, a collaboration between Mistra Centre for Sustainable Markets (Misum) and the Swedish House of Finance (SHoF), will be held in Stockholm on 20–21 August. Already, Becker is noting keen interest from researchers and prospective visitors.

‘Some 60 researchers want to present their projects, and we’ve already received many notifications from other stakeholders wishing to visit the conference.’

The first day of the conference is open to the public. Panel debates will then alternate with appearances of big international draws. One of the keynote speakers is Laura Starks, Professor at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research areas include sustainable investment, and she has worked as an adviser to the Norwegian Government Pension Fund. Another is Harrison Hong, Professor at Columbia University, who has an honorary doctorate from the Stockholm School of Economics, and recently visited Sweden to present his research on how markets price climate-related risks.

The second conference day has a more traditional academic format. About 60 researchers (of whom only two, incidentally, are from Sweden) have submitted descriptions of their work. Eight of these projects will be selected and discussed in small groups.

‘The conference will spread research results, but undoubtedly also affect future research agendas both in Sweden and abroad,’ Becker says.

Invitation to the conference