Published 2021-06-10

This post is also available in Swedish

Mistra Financial Systems wraps up

After five years’ research on the role of financial markets in the transition towards a more sustainable society, the Mistra Financial Systems (MFS) research programme has now been completed.

The MFS programme investigated how financial markets and operators can help society to develop in a more sustainable direction. The programme was run from the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), where it was based at two leading research institutes. The Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (Misum) coordinated the programme, working closely with the Swedish House of Finance (SHOF). Bo Becker, professor at the SSE, and subsequently his colleague Michael Halling, associate professor, were programme directors.

During its final year, MFS shared research highlights in a series of webinars: Decarbonisation and sustainable investments, with Andreas Hoepner and Gustav Martinsson; Systems thinking, tipping points and the future of sustainable finance, by Victor Galaz and Eric Kemp Benedict; and Shades of green: sustainable investments, financial literacy, and innovation, by Anders Andersson and Hans Olaf.

MFS’s work led to more than 100 academic publications and working papers. The programme contributed to educational arrangements and more than 300 other outreach events. The programme researchers were quoted in numerous media outlets, including The New York Times, Dagens Nyheter and BBC News. The programme has now released its final report.

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