Published 2022-09-21

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Mistra launches new strategy for up to 2030

Exploration, cooperation and impact – these will be the keywords for Mistra’s activities in coming years. With a new strategy, CEO Anna Jöborn is looking forward to building on Mistra’s experience and curiosity to continue contributing solutions to the environmental and climate challenges that we face.

In June, the Board adopted Mistra’s new operational strategy for up to 2030. CEO Anna Jöborn explains its direction and priorities.

Mistra’s CEO Anna Jöborn.

What is Mistra’s operational strategy for 2030? 

“We are focusing on our main task – funding research of strategic significance to the environment and sustainable development. Mistra’s independence, curiosity and long experience of environmental research have created a stable basis on which to continue building to contribute solutions to the societal transition now required.

“We want to attract the best researchers and society’s key players to take part in this work. We regard diversity and the next generation of researchers as resources that give us the opportunity to include additional perspectives in our research. Our thematic research initiatives and communication initiatives are investments in a sustainable future for Sweden and the world.

“Mistra has also been a pioneer in sustainable asset management, in which we have actively pursued sustainability issues. We are now building on this legacy by including this even more clearly in our communication and research initiatives directed at the financial sector.

“As an independent funder, we have the freedom to choose what we deem to be strategically important. For example, to take a long-term approach to deepen knowledge and build up competence. Or to act rapidly and boldly when a window of opportunity within environmental policy arises, or when Swedish trade and industry are ready to lead the way. We will continue to use our unique role, in which we implement the right initiatives at the right time.

What are Mistra’s priorities up to 2030?

 “We are placing emphasis on exploration, cooperation and impact. Our assets give us conditions for continuing to conduct ambitious initiatives in coming years. To be able to create truly innovative initiatives, we are reflecting on our approach, developing our working method and broadening our perspectives.

“We are open to new research themes and funding models. We are looking for new strategic collaborations and inviting new actors to discuss our future initiatives. Our broad programme portfolio gives us the opportunity to contribute knowledge in many different contexts, which we want to harness as much as possible. That’s why communication and dialogue with various societal actors constitute a key part of our activities. As many environmental and climate decisions are made within the EU and in international contexts, we must strive to increase our involvement in the international research and policy arena.”

What does Mistra want to achieve in the long term?

“Mistra wants to continue to help build strong competence and capacity in Sweden that are prepared to tackle complex challenges in society, at the same time as we boost Swedish competitiveness.

“We see – not least now in these times of a global pandemic, a war in Europe and increased distribution of misinformation – how important and topical our research is. When issues concerning robust and sustainable livelihoods have really been brought to a head, we have established strong research environments, for example in sustainable finance, climate and geopolitics, ecosystems and resilience as well as future food security. Mistra’s research programmes also address less visible challenges in our use of plastics and chemicals, such as maintenance of key infrastructures for water and wastewater. We have research that studies the energy transition and demonstrates the opportunities in new ways of housing, working, travelling and living our lives.”

Mistra´s strategy 2030 is available here.