Published 2020-03-05

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Mistra’s potentially world-changing programmes

Identifying Swedish research that can be turned to practical use, build bridges between academia and the business sector, and change the world: this is the purpose of the annual ‘100 List’ published by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA). This year, several Mistra programmes are included.

Mistra’s programme for generating systemic change in the fashion industry, Mistra Future Fashion, is one of the programmes on the List. It has focused on creating a circular economy in four stages: the design phase, the supplier chain, how users can help to bring about more sustainable fashion, and how to increase textile recycling and recovery.

Another project listed is Mistra TerraClean, which develops renewable filter and membrane materials for purifying air and water by removing pollutants. Parallel to these materials being developed, their environmental and safety aspects are examined to ensure that the materials produced can be used and recycled without posing risks to humans and the environment.

To support Swedish manufacturing industry in its transition to a more circular, sustainable economy, academic institutions and leading industrial firms are collaborating in the Mistra REES (Resource-Efficient and Effective Solutions) research programme. This project also serves to generate product and service design knowhow, business models and the policy measures required for creation of sustainable solutions.

Mistra SAMS (Resource-Efficient and Effective Solutions), with its local employment hub in Tullinge in the south of Greater Stockholm, investigates how digital services for accessibility and mobility can help to achieve climate goals in the transport sector. The research focuses on building knowledge of how new services can be combined to reduce transport needs, bring about more energy-saving ways of travelling and optimise existing infrastructure.

See IVA’s whole 100 List for 2020 (in Swedish).