Published 2022-03-23

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Mistra SAMS research at the National Museum of Science and Technology

The fossil-free city of the future is the model for the National Museum of Science and Technology’s interactive exhibition Zero City. The Mistra SAMS research programme has contributed knowledge and ideas from its research.

The Zero City exhibition opened at the beginning of March. For the exhibition, the National Museum of Science and Technology’s large machine hall has been transformed into a cityscape, where visitors can try converting energy into electricity and learn more about sewage systems, mobility and urban planning where everything is within walking distance.

Mistra SAMS – Sustainable Accessibility and Mobility Services focuses on finding solutions to achieve a climate-neutral and socially fair transport system in metropolitan regions by 2030. The programme has taken part in the scoping work and in the exhibition itself.

Mistra SAMS Programme Director Anna Kramers.

“I have contributed ideas from Mistra SAMS research and have read and assessed texts,” says Programme Director Anna Kramers.

Researchers in the programme have been interviewed about what future cities without emissions could look like and what is required to create them. The interviews are shown on screens in the exhibition. Visitors to the exhibition can also watch a film about the Mistra SAMS work hub, which is located in Tullinge south of Stockholm, where new digital solutions that promote remote working are being investigated.

“We have also contributed funding for installations in the Zero City exhibition about mobility in fossil-free, sustainable cities of the future,” Kramers says.


Photo: Anna Gerdén, the National Museum of Science and Technology