Published 2020-04-07

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Mistra Sport & Outdoors seeks to promote sustainable sport and outdoor life

World-leading research and a for sustainable development in sport and open-air activities are the aims of Mistra Sport & Outdoors, which is now starting. The programme involves some 30 researchers from seven universities and 23 partners.

Mistra Sport & Outdoors is a collaborative research programme intended to generate both knowledge and solutions to make sports and outdoor life more sustainable. The beginning of April saw the start of the programme, which is headed by Mid Sweden University.

‘In the long run, the purposes of Mistra Sport & Outdoors are to create globally leading research, start a movement for sustainable development and work to establish a network-based development centre for sustainable solutions,’ says Peter Fredman, a professor at Mid Sweden University and Mistra Sport & Outdoors’ programme director.

There are six themes for the programme, including sustainable solutions in transport, events, materials and equipment, and behaviour and policy instruments. On its website, the programme emphasises successful examples. They include Fritidsbanken, which lends equipment for sport and open-air recreation, and the Swedish Ski Association, which works to cut its own climate emissions.

‘The programme motto is are that we’re taking environmental challenges as a launchpad for finding solutions to enhance sustainability, including social and economic aspects, in sport and outdoor life.’

There is also a blog on the Mistra Sport & Outdoors website. Its purpose is to enable researchers and partners in the programme to spread the word about results and exchange ideas and advice about more sustainable sports and open-air activities.

Besides researchers from Mid Sweden University, those involved in Mistra Sport & Outdoors are at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, the University of Gothenburg, Malmö University, Dalarna University, Chalmers University of Technology and Stockholm University. The partners are the Swedish Sports Confederation, Svenskt Friluftsliv (‘Swedish Outdoor Life’), the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Scandinavian Outdoor Group, several specialist sports associations, Friluftsfrämjandet (the Swedish Outdoor Association), the Swedish Tourist Association, event arrangers and municipalities.

Mistra is to provide SEK 56 million in funding for the programme.