Published 2021-10-25

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Mistra’s call for proposals – SEK 50 million for a sustainable blue economy

Mistra is now opening the first stage of its call for proposals titled A Sustainable Blue Economy for Sweden. The purpose of a future research programme is to support the transition to a blue economy, focusing on improved environmental conditions and increased resilience in marine areas.

Marine areas and a sustainable blue economy are pressing issues. The UN has declared that 2021–2031 is the decade of marine research, to allow knowledge of the seas and oceans to be used in supporting the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and other political frameworks. The European Commission has also proposed a new strategy for a sustainable blue economy, with the aim of providing a basis for actions in the EU’s European Green Deal. The North Sea and the Baltic Sea, which surround Sweden, are important from an economic perspective, whilst also being exposed to serious environmental impact. The blue economy also covers many sectors and actors – from fishing to renewable power – that often work alongside each other in sensitive marine areas.

Governance and a sustainable blue economy, as well as ecosystem-based management, are central to Mistra’s new call, A Sustainable Blue Economy for Sweden. Given that sustainable industrial activity at sea is fundamental to the creation of a sustainable blue economy, cooperation with business and other stakeholders is an important element. This call highlights the importance of methods and instruments that can help minimise conflicts and identify synergies. A future research programme should also focus on climate change and biodiversity, and evaluate long-term effects on marine ecosystems.

Thomas Nilsson, Programmes Director at Mistra.

“Through this call, Mistra wishes to highlight the importance of marine areas, but also that there are major conflicts about how they should be used and managed. We are looking forward to interesting programme proposals that address both the challenges and the opportunities,” says Thomas Nilsson, Programmes Director at Mistra.

The call is being conducted in two stages and is based on a background paper, Ecosystem approach to enhance resilience in Swedish offshore marine areas and contribute to a sustainable blue economy, produced by a group of external experts. It builds upon a scoping study, On Research in Swedish Offshore Marine Areas.

See the call text in its entirety in Swedish and English.