Published 2021-09-16

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Mistra’s new call – SEK 50 million for research into biodiversity and the financial system

Lack of insight about the value of biodiversity is a fundamental problem in our economic system. Mistra’s call, Biodiversity and the Financial System, opens now and aims to examine how, through research and innovation, the financial system can evolve to minimise damage, and maximise benefit, to biodiversity.

The value of biodiversity cannot be measured in economic terms; we cannot continue to wilfully disregard its importance to humanity and our continued development. Human impact on biodiversity is largely governed by our production and consumption habits, while economic markets have made it possible to maximise the benefits entailed by ecosystem services. Currently, the global economy is not only failing to preserve biodiversity, it is also contributing to driving and financing its destruction.

The purpose of Mistra’s call is to bridge critical gaps in research and facilitate adapting the financial system so that biodiversity can be preserved and restored.

Åsa Moberg, Programmes Director at Mistra.

“The call has been the subject of great interest, even during preparatory work, both from researchers and the financial sector. We hope that this interest will be converted into real collaboration and creative ideas, and thus generate some truly interesting proposals at the end of the year,” says Åsa Moberg, Programmes Director at Mistra.

Research linked to policy development

A research programme with a focus on biodiversity and the financial system is expected to deal with links, interactions, conflicts and trade-offs between societal goals, potential solutions and their consequences. The programme should also link its research to ongoing policy development processes at various levels, including the application of the Paris Agreement, EU taxonomy, the Convention on Biological Diversity and the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030.

The call is based upon the background report, Aligning Markets with Biodiversitywhich was published in June. In association with its publication, Mistra also hosted a webinar, The Missing Link – Biodiversity and our Financial System, at which the link between biodiversity and the financial system was discussed.

“A great deal is happening in this area and it is happening fast, while this is also a very complex issue. We therefore believe that a Mistra programme can both contribute both a critical eye and offer creative solutions through collaboration between societal actors,” says Åsa Moberg.

See the call text in its entirety in Swedish and English.

Information meeting about the call

Mistra invites you to an information meeting in English, via Zoom, on 6 October 09.00–10.30. It will be possible to ask questions during the meeting. Register here!