Published 2020-12-10

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Mistra’s programmes and centres as knowledge resources

China’s climate pledges and the way back from the coronavirus. The future of sustainable finance, and change through communication. Mistra’s research programmes and one of its research centres have shared knowledge and aired current issues in webinars and video recordings. Catch up here.

Mistra Environmental Communication

How do we create change through communication? By conveying hope or despair? From a local or a global perspective?


Communication for sustainability: how can environmental communication be modified to support Sweden’s transition to a more sustainable society?

Mistra SAMS


Kitchen Talks Online – Current research on e-scooters’ impact on urban mobility 

Mistra Sport & Outdoors


The way back from corona: a webinar focuses on the environment and sustainability in sport and friluftsliv (‘open-air life’ or outdoor activities)


Mistra InfraMaint


Microlearning — a knowledge bank


Mistra Sustainable Consumption


Consumer power in an age of transparency


A virtual field trip to ReTuna, ‘the world’s first recycling mall’


How to make food consumption more sustainable: from dietary advice to meat rationing

Mistra Environmental Nanosafety


Nanotechnology and nanoplastics: the role of nanoparticles in a sustainable future

Mistra Geopolitics


China’s climate pledges


Climate, security and geopolitics: how to navigate the issues that coronavirus involves


Podcast: “En värld i förändring” (‘A Changing World’, in Swedish)

Mistra REES

Mistra REES: IVA 100


Mistra REES: Tomohiko Sakao


Mistra REES: life-cycle costs and revenues of companies’ products and product-as-a-service


Mistra REES: Johannes Matschewsky



COVID Crisis: Increasing inequalities and decreasing investments?


Global Health Night & SIGHT Award 2020 — The Post COVID-19 World: Moving Beyond Building Back Better


The Role of Partnerships in Economic Reforms of Fragile States: Perspectives from Somalia



Mistra Digital Forest


Programme conference, 26 November 2020


Mistra Carbon Exit


Propelling the Commercialisation of ‘Novel Cements’


Local Arenas: experience from building and construction in Uppsala Climate Protocol


Mistra Carbon Exit: lessons from Phase I and plans for Phase II


Climate procurement in the construction sector



Mistra Financial Systems


Shades of green: sustainable investments, financial literacy, and innovation


Data, decarbonisation and sustainable investments


Systems thinking, tipping points and the future of sustainable finance