Published 2018-02-27

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New book with answers on sustainable entrepreneurship

Among entrepreneurs, sustainability is in fashion. But there are many questions about what the notion actually involves. CSR and Sustainable Business, a book issued by the Mistra Centre for Sustainable Markets (Misum), gives some answers. The first (Swedish) edition, released in 2012, has now been superseded by an updated Swedish version, and an English edition was issued in autumn 2017.

When the original book in Swedish, CSR och hållbart företagande (‘CSR and Sustainable Business’), came out in 2012, it was in demand. This was not least because, for many people who were not quite sure what ‘corporate social responsibility’ and the new terms associated with it were all about, it provided a somewhat more solid platform to stand on.

The book contained an overview of the key concepts and theories, and also an in-depth analysis of historical perspectives and connections with corporate ethics. It showed how they all fit together.

‘The question is no longer whether companies are responsible, but what this responsibility looks like and how they can act strategically. Expectations apply not only to private firms, but also to both public and non-profit organisations,’ says Hans De Geer, who has worked on corporate ethical issues since 1990. De Geer is Senior Advisor at the Hallvarson & Halvarsson consultancy company and was one of the book’s editors.

In the early autumn a new, revised edition of the book was published. The contents are divided into three parts. The first is an overview; the second discusses corporate and business practices; and the third focuses on governance and strategies for would-be responsible entrepreneurs seeking sustainability.

The book was written by Hans De Geer, Tommy Borglund, Susanne Sweet, Magnus Frostenson, Lin Lerpold, Sara Nordbrand, Emma Sjöström and Karolina Windell. They have all pursued academic research on the subject and been involved in the practicalities of CSR issues. This makes them one of Sweden’s leading expert groups in the field.

The English edition released in late autumn, entitled CSR and Sustainable Business, has a new preface by Mette Morsing, Mistra Chair of Sustainable Markets and Misum’s Scientific Director.

Text: Per Westergård