Published 2020-02-19

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New Mistra science book on plastic

Plastic has become the object of both public and research attention as never before. Mistra is therefore adopting a new approach, and has produced a book summarising research to date by the Foundation’s various programmes in the area. The book, Ingen kommer undan plasten (‘No one gets away from plastic’), can be ordered from Mistra.

The book “Ingen kommer undan plasten” (“No one gets away from plastic”)

In recent years, Mistra has funded several programmes that, in one way or another, deal with plastic. This is most evident in Mistra Sustainable Plastics and Transition Pathways (STEPS), in which plastic is the main concern. In STEPS, the goal is to develop bioplastics to reduce carbon emissions. Other programmes, such as Mistra Closing the Loop, are addressing waste management and recovery of plastic materials. Some other programmes study the material from the viewpoint of their particular needs.

Nevertheless, no one has been commissioned to summarise the entire range of the research in progress. The book ‘No one gets away from plastic’, for the general reader, makes an attempt. To broaden the perspective further, researchers who are not active in Mistra programmes and other stakeholders in the area will also have their say. This gives the book wide-ranging content, covering topics from litter to design for a more sustainable society.

Orders for the book can be placed by emailing

All the material will soon also be available online.

Text: Per Westergård