Published 2021-10-07

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Report highlights measures for a more sustainable fashion industry

To achieve a more sustainable fashion industry, new business models focused on extending the useful life of a garment are not enough. Production systems and consumer behaviour must also change. The report Det hållbara svenska modeundret (the sustainable Swedish fashion phenomenon) proposes several measures for sustainable fashion.

The report Det hållbara svenska modeundret from the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum is by Susanne Sweet, Docent at the Stockholm School of Economics, and Malin Viola Wennberg, a doctoral student at Stockholm University. They both worked on the eight-year Mistra Future Fashion research programme, which concluded in 2019, as Research Manager and Communications Manager, respectively. The new report shines a light on knowledge and findings from the research programme.

To attain a more sustainable fashion industry, the authors point to three priority areas. The first is that financial incentives are required for both producers and consumers to drive the transition. This could comprise increasing taxes on virgin fibres and thereby boosting the reuse of existing garments and recycled material as well as introducing a cut in VAT on reuse and repairs.

The second priority area that the authors focus on consists of circular flows and producer responsibility for textiles. Here, they see a need for additional research initiatives in sorting and separation technology. The third priority comprises stricter regulations and policy instruments for green statements, where consumers want to make sustainable choices but find it difficult to relate to statements on sustainability in the retail trade.

Film series on sustainable fashion

Earlier this autumn, Mistra launched a four-part film series about sustainable fashion focusing on design, production, business models and recycling. The films are based on knowledge and results from Mistra Future Fashion, and both Susanne Sweet and Malin Viola Wennberg take part.