Published 2018-11-09

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SEK 70 million for research on reduced exposure to hazardous chemicals

People and the environment are still being poisoned by chemicals that leak out in the course of product manufacture, use and disposal. Mistra is therefore investing SEK 70 million in a new research programme that will help to reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals for humans and the environment.

‘Many of the chemicals used today are considered harmless, while exposure to others involves known risks. These risks must be managed better, or ideally be avoided. Chemists, engineers, designers and many others should work together with the aim of designing products with improved risk profile from the outset,’ says Åke Iverfeldt, CEO of Mistra.

The research programme will focus on using the design process to reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals. Emphasis should be placed on technological development, ranging from new, untested ideas to advanced prototypes. Preferably using predictive tools, chemists who design new chemical compounds need, for example, to understand how these will interact with users and the environment.

The programme’s expected budget is a total of SEK 100 million over four years. Mistra’s financial contribution will not exceed 70 per cent of the total budget: a maximum of SEK 70 million.

Mistra welcomes consortia of interdisciplinary composition in which chemists, engineers, doctors, social scientists and others will collaborate. The study topics can range from the home and work environment to exposure in remote natural areas.

Applications must be submitted to Mistra by Monday 4 March 2019 at 4 pm.

Information about the call for proposals is available at



Christopher Folkeson Welch, Programmes Director,, +46 8 791 10 26

Malin Lindgren, Communications Manager, Mistra,, +46 8 791 10 27