Published 2019-05-21

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Seminar on challenges to circular companies

Everyone is talking about circular economics, but what should the new business models look like? And who is to finance the transition? These were two issues up for discussion at a seminar on 16 May, held by Mistra, the Swedish Association for Sustainable Business (NMC) and the Embassy of the Netherlands.

The financial sector plays a crucial role in enabling and stimulating the development of a circular economy. Mistra, NMC and the Embassy of the Netherlands hosted a seminar on 16 May, focusing on how the financial sector can develop circular business models.

One issue at the seminar was the challenges that companies face when they become more circular. Another possible point raised at the seminar may be how companies should finance new, more circular business models.

The day’s speakers represented the financial and business sectors and research community in both the Netherlands and Sweden.


NMC, the Swedish Association for Sustainable Business, is Sweden’s leading national association for companies and organisations wishing to refine their work in sustainable development. Founded in 1994, the Association currently has over 200 members. Most are companies from industries in private enterprise, but other types of organisation, including municipalities, county councils and trade associations, also belong to NMC.