Published 2019-05-21

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Sustainable social development the goal for Mistra’s asset management

Mistra uses its capital to contribute to global development in terms of environmental, social and ethical values. Nevertheless — or perhaps, rather, as a result — the Foundation’s asset management has been successful. More information about the principles that govern Mistra’s investments is now available on the website.

Twenty-five years ago, Mistra received SEK 2.5 billion from the wage-earner funds when they were wound up. The money was to be used to support research of strategic importance for a good living environment. To date, Mistra has provided SEK 4.3 billion in research funding. In parallel with this funding, Mistra has the potential to influence sustainable social development by allocating its assets, which is done by investing in activities that contribute to global development and take environmental, social and ethical values into account.

Mistra seeks to present the starting points for its asset management, and the composition and trend of the portfolio, transparently. The Foundation’s website now presents new pages that explain its asset management in interviews with Märtha Josefsson (Chair of Mistra’s Committee for Asset Management), and otherwise, textually and graphically. The various tools used in Mistra’s sustainability analysis are also presented. Updates, with information about Mistra’s portfolio, take place quarterly.