Published 2020-07-03

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The importance of research – Interviews with Mistra Programme Directors

How can content and results from Mistra's research program contribute to a sustainable recovery and long-term social transformation? In a video series, Mistra's programme directors share knowledge and insights from their research programs. See the entire series here.

Under the heading The importance of research for a green recovery and a sustainable transformation, Mistra’s programme directors talk about their research programs based on the discussion that is currently underway on a sustainable restart and long-term social transformation, due to the corona crisis.

Björn-Ola Linnér, Programme Director Mistra Geopolitics

Rajni Hatti-Kaul, Programme Director Mistra STEPS


Ulrica Edlund, Programme Director Mistra TerraClean


Peter Fredman, Programme Director Mistra Sport & Outdoors


Victoria Wibeck, Programme Director The Seed Box


Michael Halling, Programme Director Mistra Financial Systems


Gunn-Mari Löfdahl, Assisting Programme Director Mistra InfraMaint


Anke Fischer och Eva Friman, Programme Directors Mistra Environmental Communication


Åsa Svenfelt, Programme Director Mistra Sustainable Consumption


Sverker Danielsson, Programme Director Mistra Digital Forest