Published 2022-01-27

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The Seed Box invites you to a digital garden festival

This spring will see the conclusion of Mistra and Formas’ co-funded research programme on the environmental humanities – The Seed Box. This programme is now sharing its knowledge at the Community Garden Festival, held – like so much else just now – as an online conference. Be a fly on the wall at a dinner where the environmental humanities are discussed, experience toilet paper crinolines and find out about producing a children’s book on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

What began with the seed of a knowledge node about the environmental humanities in 2015 has now become the Community Garden Festival – a five-day online festival that focuses on disseminating the knowledge and results generated by The Seed Box – Environmental Humanities Collaboratory.

“The knowledge found at The Seed Box has been a process, and the results have grown, but the idea behind our Garden Festival is that not everything has yet borne fruit. We hope that the conversations will continue and new questions will be asked,” says Katja Aglert, Artistic Leader for The Seed Box.

Like a real life festival, there will be live events, films, lectures, workshops and panel discussions on specific days and times, 7–11 February. A pre-party is already available, with trailers and information about festival activities. There will also be an after-party, with compiled material from the week. Some sessions will include moderated discussions between speakers and festival participants.

Konst & Teknik studio has built the festival’s organic website, using the idea of walking around the garden and discovering its contents before, during and after the festival.

“We hope that the platform will continue living after the festival week has ended. It will be a good legacy when The Seed Box concludes in the spring. The festival’s website is also designed to have the least possible climate impact,” says Communications Manager Per Wistbo Nibell.

Dinner discussions and children’s theatre

Per Wistbo Nibell suggests watching the film Envisioning Societal Change, where the climate crisis and societal transition are illustrated in the context of mediaeval fantasy. The film will be shown on 8 February at 11.00. Programme Director for The Seed Box, Victoria Wibeck, is looking forward to the session about Esmeralda och Draken (Esmeralda and the Dragon), a children’s book and children’s theatre about the UN global goals and the 2030 Agenda. During the festival, a film about the play will be shown on Monday 7 February at 14.00 and, on Friday 11 February at 14.00, there will be a session about the children’s book and how the global goals can be made meaningful for children.

Katja Aglert’s suggests visiting “A Dinner Discussion” which closes the conference at 16.00 on Friday 11 February.

“This is a staged and recorded dinner during which the guests discuss the environmental humanities. The video is based upon a real dinner that was a turning point for Christopher Morris, a professor at the University of Texas at Arlington, and his work in the field. Festival participants get to be a fly on the wall and can then participate in a live discussion with the dinner guests.”

Walk around the garden, take a look at the festival programme and register here.