Published 2022-03-10

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Train tour highlights sustainable consumption

At the end of April, the Mistra Sustainable Consumption research programme will set off on a tour by train to present its results and find inspiration. The focus is on the programme’s three thematic areas: food, home furnishings and travel.

The Mistra Sustainable Consumption research programme aims to stimulate a transition to more sustainable consumption focusing on the three areas of food, travel and home furnishings. Planning for the train tour started two years ago with the intention of presenting results from the first four years of the research programme. The pandemic got in the way, but on 25–27 April it will be time to take the train. The tour comprises two parts: the actual journey between three cities where the programme’s research team and partners will take part in various activities, and more public-oriented events in Lund, Falkenberg, Gothenburg and Karlstad. Mistra Sustainable Consumption has “from niche to mainstream” as its tagline and studies how sustainable consumption practices that are currently niche practices can be scaled up. This is also the framework of the tour.

Eskil Engström, Research Engineer at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

“Many transition initiatives are under way around the country; by visiting them we can demonstrate good examples and learn from them at the same time as we share research findings,” says Eskil Engström, Research Engineer at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, who is the train tour coordinator. “The tour also concludes with a focus on policy issues and how policies can support the niche practices to make them mainstream.” Two of the activities for the general public are “Libraries of Things” which is a collaboration with Circle Centre Lund and explores the idea of libraries where you can borrow items such as tools, appliances or toys, and the Sustainable Holidays event which will be held at Världskulturmuseet (The Museum of World Culture) in Gothenburg. All the activities will be broadcast live and be viewable afterwards. Read more about the train tour and the various activities here.