Published 2018-02-27

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Two applications for Mistra’s infrastructure programme

It is no secret that Sweden's infrastructure faces major challenges. The difficulty is in knowing how to improve the workings of vital public functions. A new Mistra programme will be tasked with addressing this issue. The call for proposals has now ended, and two applications have been received.

Mistra’s infrastructure programme will focus on roads, railways, and water and sewerage (WS) systems. These areas were chosen because the shortcomings there are so severe as to generate extra costs to the whole of society.

By the time the call for proposals closed just before Christmas, two applications had been submitted. The respective main applicants are Luleå University of Technology and the RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

‘In both applications there are broad consortia, comprising a wide range of institutions — from universities and research institutes to government agencies, municipalities and other public stakeholders,’ says Thomas Nilsson, Programmes Director at Mistra.

One objective of the programme is to highlight the infrastructure for which municipalities are responsible, notably WS systems, local street networks and infrastructure in the form of roads and railways.

Text: Per Westergård