Published 2019-10-07

This post is also available in Swedish

Vibrant geopolitical research the new podcast’s goal

Mistra Geopolitics has launched a podcast that gives a voice to various researchers from the programme. The idea is to raise the issues that lie between the lines in the research reports.

‘We want to bring the research conducted within Mistra Geopolitics to life in a slightly new way. In this podcast, researchers will highlight issues that may be implicit in what we publish, and they get the chance to speak without interruption,’ says Eva Krutmeijer, head of communication at Mistra Geopolitics.
New episodes (in Swedish) are released once a week for six weeks. So far, four episodes are available:
• Episode 1: Climate emergency mode — alarmism or concerted forces?
• Episode 2: Climate-related security risks — what does the UN think?
• Episode 3: Where did nature go?
• Episode 4: Batteries’ downside — metals, people and the environment