Published 2019-03-12

This post is also available in Swedish

Welcome to the Forum for Science Communication in Gothenburg on 3 April 2019

Registration for the Nordic region’s largest conference on science communication (part of the International Science Festival) is open until 27 March.
Influence: the good, the bad and the ugly

How can psychology change thoughts, feelings and actions? What are the best ways to deal with disinformation and respond to people who seek to influence us? How should we research communicators work? Why should we care about the public? Why should society be involved in research?

Join us issues at the inspirational Forum for Science Communication in Gothenburg on 3 April to find out more and discuss these and other. Note that not all the activities are in English (some are in Swedish).

Keynote English-language speakers include Imran Khan (Head of Public Engagement, Wellcome Trust of the UK). Two breakout sessions in English to choose from are Battling disinformation (with James Pamment, Associate Professor and Head of Lund University’s Department of Strategic Communication) and When art meets science (with Mairéad Hurley, Science Gallery, Dublin and Luiza Bengtsson, Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine at the Helmholtz Association, Berlin).


Forum for Science Communication 

Venue: Draken, Folkets Hus, Järntorget 15, Gothenburg

Time: 11:00–17:00, followed by an informal get-together.

See the complete programme here.

Register here (by 27 March).