Mistra invests in research aimed at solving key environmental problems and promoting Sweden’s future competitiveness. Mistra’s research programmes are conducted in a close dialogue with companies, public agencies and other users, to ensure that research findings are put to practical use.  

Establish collaborations with international research organisations

The Mistra Fellows programme seeks to establish collaborations and boost knowledge exchange between Mistra’s various research groups on the one hand and international research organisations on the other. The plan is, each year, to give four young researchers working in Mistra programmes the opportunity to work for an international organisation with a focus on policy issues.

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  • Programtid: 2015–
  • Finansiering: Mistra funds stays abroad for up to four researchers annually. The maximum award per person is SEK 1 million.
  • Programvärd: Mistra

Mistra invites small and medium sized Swedish companies together with academic research organisations to submit proposals for research projects concerning the implementation of discoveries and inventions contributing to the solution of environmental problems and improvements in sustainability.

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  • Finansiering:
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