Mistra invests in research aimed at solving key environmental problems and promoting Sweden’s future competitiveness. Mistra’s research programmes are conducted in a close dialogue with companies, public agencies and other users, to ensure that research findings are put to practical use.  

Sustainable urbanisation where cities are accessible, green and fair

Urban development worldwide needs to shift towards greater sustainability. This means adjusting resource flows to reduce their climatic impact and safeguard them while making towns and cities socioculturally resilient, economically successful and democratically, effectively governed.

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  • Programtid: 2010-2019
  • Finansiering: Mistra is investing 79 MSEK (limit amounts for the period stated above)
  • Programvärd: Chalmers University of Technology

- Cultural and environmental dynamics

The program was completed in 2010.

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  • Programtid: 2008-2010
  • Finansiering: Mistra investing 5 million
  • Programvärd: Uppsala University

Programme ended 2008.

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  • Programtid: 2006–2008
  • Finansiering: Mistra SEK 30 million.
  • Programvärd: Trivector AB

More knowledge of the mountain region and new meeting places for stakeholders Sweden’s mountain region has low biodiversity and is vulnerable to overexploitation. The land is used in numerous ways, by many stakeholders with interests that sometimes conflict. It is used by reindeer owners for winter grazing, by forest owners, for tourism, and by the […]

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  • Programtid: 1998–2006
  • Finansiering: Mistra invested SEK 84 million
  • Programvärd: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Umeå)

Learning more about sustainable building and management Apartment buildings and other built structures affect their surroundings throughout their long life. The Sustainable Building (ByggMISTRA) programme helped to make housebuilding and property management more eco-friendly and reduce energy use in finished properties, including residential buildings. The research focused on every phase in the life of a […]

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  • Programtid: 1996–2002
  • Finansiering: Mistra invested SEK 39 m
  • Programvärd: Chalmers University of Technology