BONUS – Viable ecosystem och Innovation

BONUS, the Baltic Sea research programme, has issued its first call for proposals concerning the environment and social development around the Baltic region. Funding of €38 million has been announced and the call is twofold: one part is entitled ‘Viable ecosystem’ and the other relates to innovation.

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BONUS is a research programme funded jointly by the Baltic Sea Region nations and the EU. Its purpose is to foster sustainable development in the Baltic Sea region through scientific findings and innovative solutions. The research is intended to provide support for implementing the HELCOM (Helsinki Commission) Baltic Sea Action Plan, the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and the EU Marine Environment Directive. All the research projects must have potential practical importance and preferably involve parties concerned.

The closing dates for applications are 14 February 2013 for the thematic part and 12 March for the innovation part of the call.

Mistra’s Swedish funding partners are the Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (Formas), the Swedish Research Council, the Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA), the Environmental Protection Agency, the Agency for Marine and Water Management and the Civil Contingencies Agency. Mistra will contribute primarily to innovation projects. The EU is to contribute up to 50% of the funding.

Please address queries to:
Thomas Nilsson, programme manager, Mistra, tel. +46-8-791 10 22