Call for Proposals – Mistra Arctic Sustainable Development

Mistra invites Swedish research groups to submit programme proposals on the theme of sustainable development in the Arctic Regions. The purpose of the programme is twofold: to expand knowledge of the region’s distinctive prospects of long-term sustainable development, and to contribute to adequate and effective application of research results in policy processes relating to development in the Arctic.

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In this interdisciplinary programme, the primary emphasis will be on social sciences and humanities. Research should have a bearing on Sweden, while integrating global and circumpolar perspectives to a high degree. For the whole programme, which is to last four years, Mistra will provide funds of up to SEK 30 million. Counterfunding amounting to at least 25% of Mistra’s contribution is required.

The new programme will build further on experience from the project-based ‘Mistra Arctic Futures in a Global Context’ programme (2011–13), but is being announced as a freestanding initiative.

Johan Edman, Mistra Arctic Sustainable Development, or 08-791 10 28.