Mistra Innovation: Third call for proposals 2015-2019

Reducing Environmental Impact through the application of
inventions and discoveries.

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Mistra invites small and medium sized Swedish companies together with academic research organisations to submit proposals for research projects concerning the implementation of discoveries and inventions contributing to the solution of environmental problems and improvements in sustainability. The overall purpose of the investment in Mistra Innovation is to encourage the development of innovative ideas through the interaction of small and medium sized enterprises with universities and other research institutes. Mistras investment should lead to products, processes and services which reduce the environmental impact of our society and improve the sustainable use of resources.

Mistra will invest a maximum of 80 million SEK, over eight years, in this area. The first two calls for proposals resulted in the allocation of 37 million SEK in eleven projects. A further 20 million SEK will be allocated to projects answering the third call. Additional support from other sources, mainly participating companies, is expected to match Mistras investment.

Contact person: Christopher Folkeson Welch +46 707323074