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Mistra REES: Bottom-up vs. Top-down Research


09:00-09:05 Welcome and introduction 

09:05-09:35 Presentation of research with the bottom-up approach. 

Mistra REES by Professor Mattias Lindahl, Linköping University 

CIRCit project by Professor Tim McAloone, Technical University of Denmark 

09:35-10:05 Presentation of research with the top-down approach. 

IVA’s work presented by Caroline Ankarcrona 

Circ€uit – the Circular European Economy Innovative Training Network project presented by Professor Arnold Tukker, Leiden University 

10:05-10:45 Panel discussion, incl. Q&As 

If you want to join this seminar – click this link. The deadline for registration is Tuesday the 8th of March. Once registered, you will get a Zoom link for the seminar.