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Misum Book presentation | CSR and Sustainable Business

Development within CSR has moved quickly, both in relation to politics and in business. Phenomena, such as social entrepreneurism, sustainable business strategies and new financial models relating to sustainability, have grown even stronger. This book provides an overview of the most important concepts and theories, as well as offering an in-depth analysis of historical perspectives and connections to business ethics. In conjunction, it explores case study examples from a large number of companies and organizations.

The original Swedish edition published in 2012 has been used extensively in leading universities and management training courses in both Sweden and Finland for years. The current English edition features leading experts in the field of business sustainability and new chapters relating to immigration and sustainability, adding an entirely new take on the world of CSR.

The event program consists of commentaries from chapter authors discussing how their respective fields intersect in frontline CSR knowledge and have developed since the first edition of this book was published, an open discussion with comments and questions, and a brief introduction to the book by the editors.

The book launch is hosted in collaboration with Örebro University School of Business and the Center for Sustainability Research (CSR) at SSE.

Register for the event here.