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Misum Book release | Palgrave Handbook of Family Firm Internationalization

About the book

The book released in this online seminar considers the internationalization of family firms—small, medium-sized, and multinational. Within 17 chapters it discusses how family firms become networked for internationalization, examining factors specific to family firms, such as bifurcation bias and socioemotional wealth. Some chapters focus on theory, while the remainder encompass a range of data—quantitative and qualitative, archival and secondary, longitudinal and cross-sectional. The data originate from both developed and emerging economies, including Finland, Taiwan, India, and Guatemala. The material is highly relevant to students, scholars, policymakers, and managers. Located at the cutting edge of family business, international business, and entrepreneurship studies, the book opens with forewords from four leading scholars in family business research and continues with chapters from a number of distinguished professors, all of them at the forefront of their field.