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Nanomaterial regulation – a driver or barrier for nanotechnology innovation?

In 2020, new EU regulation concerning nanomaterials came into application. Now manufacturers and importers of nanomaterials or products containing nanomaterials need to comply with a number information requirements – some of which seem challenging to fulfil.

Welcome to an online panel discussion between researchers, companies and the European Commission on the potential and limitations of current nanomaterial regulation. Is the current regulation a driver or hindrance to new and novel innovation in nanotechnology?

We present an overview of the availability of methods to use for fulfilling the new nano-specific information requirements, and discuss questions relating to challenges for companies to use nanomaterials and the need for safety standards.

Keynote speaker Andrej Kobe from the European Commission will present his view on European nanomaterial regulation and challenges that researchers in the Mistra Environmental Nanosafety programme, led from Lund University, may help to address.


  • Maria Bille Nielsen, the Technical University of Denmark
  • Anna Stenstam, CEO, CR Competence
  • Andrej Kobe, the European Commission


Steffen Foss Hansen, the Technical University of Denmark



Read more and register your attendance at the Mistra Environmental Nanosafety website.