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Responsible innovation in nanotech: A Mistra Nanosafety webinar

During the past decade, ”responsible research and innovation” (RRI) has gained prominence as an approach to governing the future course of emerging technologies. To a great degree, RRI has acted as a central pillar in the European research policy. Even though the concept has – at least in part – emerged as a response to public concerns about the safety of nanotechnology, it is still worth investigating what ”responsibility” means in the context of nanotech innovations.

Welcome to a webinar and discussion highlighting key questions and research frontiers related to responsible innovation.


  • Karl Palmås, researcher at the Division of Science, Technology and Society at Chalmers University of Technology, and part of Mistra Environmental Nanosafety, work package 4

  • Lars Sickert, Innovation Facilitator at Tetra Pak

  • Åsalie Hartmanis, Mistra Board Member and previously active in SweNanoTech


The webinar is open to everyone. Please register your attendance by emailing noomi.egan@fsi.lu.se to receive a zoom-link to the webinar.

This webinar is part of a new webinar series by Mistra Environmental Nanosafety highlighting nanosafety research and nanotechnology.