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Sustainable chemistry – from catalysis to materials

Although nature and chemists have been independent actors for such a long time, the development of green chemistry has helped chemists to learn nature’s strategies to biodegrade materials and synthesize novel bio-inspired materials and chemicals.

Within this respect, we will demonstrate how the chemist can dress chemistry in green on examples covering catalysis for the synthesis of organic compounds, sustainable methods for lithium-ion batteries recycling, and lignin valorization strategies through catalytic processes for obtaining lignin oils and lignin materials for the biofuel and bioplastics market.

We especially welcome representatives of the Swedish industry to learn more about our work for greener chemistry and the progress so far.



Crystalline cellulose as carrier in sustainable catalytic organic reactions

Jan-Erling Bäckvall, Department of organic chemistry, Stockholm University

Lignin – from wood residue to bioproducts

Clara Pierrou, Head of materials division, Renfuel

Back to the roots – dress chemistry in green

Adam Slabon, Department of materials and environmental chemistry, Stockholm University

Webinar details

Date and time: February 8, from 8.15 to 9.15.

Venue: Teams Live

Registration: https://www.ivl.se/toppmeny/evenemang/2022-02-08-breakfast-webinar-sustainable-chemistry—from-catalysis-to-materials.htm